Whether it is about keeping healthy and fit or staying energetic and in the pink of health, Muscle Asylum offers a comprehensive range of products to ensure all needs are met, on the inside, as well as the outside. Being the most trusted, research-backed brand in fitness and wellbeing supplements does not come easy. Your safety/health is our number one priority. Every product of ours goes through stringent levels of trials and testing.

Most health supplements are bullshit. Ask any expert and they'll tell you the same thing. With that said, it is totally possible to wrap a few extra wrinkles into your workout plan in a reasonable way—as long as you do so within reason and with real data by your side. Our exclusive health experts, who have been in the industry for decades, provide testimony to the rich quality and flavors of the products before we make them available for you to buy and take the benefits. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that whatever is delivered to you is of the top-notch authentic quality.

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We are India’s fastest growing nutrition & supplement brand with a vision of making you fit not just by intense & hardcore workout but accompanying that with the variety of our health & wellness products. Run by a bunch of young and passionate people whose mission is to help India become a fitter and stronger nation, we committed to bringing quality products at your disposal in the easiest way possible.

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Unmatched Supreme Quality: Our products are made from the finest globally sourced ingredients. Well-renowned for great tasting, all natural products that contain no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives are some of our trademarks. When shopping from us, you never have to worry about getting a harmful substance and be 100% confident on what you get.

Research-Backed: Our products are formulated by our in-house exercise physiologist and registered dietitian. Each ingredient, and the amount, is linked to multiple research papers demonstrating its effectiveness in improving a variable of athletic performance.

Customized Selection: You are your own boss! Set your personal goals and customize products basis your requirements-Muscle Building, Strength & Focus, Weight Loss. Within our extensive product range, you’ll find a product to suit your individual nutritional and fitness ambitions and will serve you it’s purpose in the most desirable and effective manner.
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