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Its winter season and we are all planning our getaways for the holidays to places warmer or even colder – depending on your type of travel! We have put together the top 5 snacking habits which are convenient, healthy and will keep you energetic during your travels! HARD-BOILED EGGS These are the easiest! Whether you are staying at a homestay, hostel or hotel, these are easily available and easy to cary. Just throw the biodegradable shells on soil when you are ready to eat them – don’t forget to carry some salt with you! NUTS AND DRY FRUITS Dry Fruits - Healthy Snacking As we know, these are packed with potassium and fiber but be careful of where you buy them from for the possibilities of added sugar. One serving on ¼ cups is enough. Raisins, prunes, walnuts and dates are the best choice. Peanuts on the go are also a good filler. PEANUT OR HAZELNUT SPREAD PACKETS High protein, low peanut spread sachets from Provee are super convenient. You could spread them on easily available fruit or even have them by the sachet. These are sure to give you the boost of energy for that day hike. CHEESE SLICES OR CUBES healthy snacking Cubed cheddar cheese has the perfect portion size and is filling as well. Stock up on a packet of cheese cubes or slices for that perfect snack while out and about! POPCORN Individual bags of pre-popped microwave popcorn provide healthy whole grains, are low in calories and full of antioxidants like polyphenols. For a more interesting snack you can even dress up your popcorn with nuts or dark chocolate spread. We hope you follow these effective tips! And oh- don’t forget to take portable bins for your wrappers and tissues! Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.