Provee takes pride in providing the most convenient and complete way of adding balanced nutrition to your diet. Our first line of products includes High Protein, Low Carb Spreads, available in three natural flavours. Provee aims at fulfilling the protein requirement of individuals and assures unmatched quality and value through constant innovation in its products. Our products are authentically prepared in our internationally FSSC 22000 & FSSAI certified facility.

Veer Kohli

Director and Business Head 

With Provee, I aim to create a community which is passionate about healthiness. I am proud that the entire team is passionate not just about fitness but more so about a healthier lifestyle. At its core, Provee is a community of food enthusiasts who are mindful of the things they consume. The Indian consumer market is gradually shifting towards a healthier lifestyle. Thus, more such products are coming up. In the first year, we sporadically spread awareness regarding the importance of healthier living and we aspire to do the same in the coming years as well.

Dr. Prerna Kohli,

Director and Psychologist

Being a Psychologist, I have met and dealt with people from different spheres of life. With provee, I aim to not only build a mindful leadership but also to build a self-aware community. Health is usually confused with fitness. However, with Provee, we want to fight the stigma around mental health. The current and upcoming products, as well as strategy, revolves around the overall health and not just fitness.

To create a healthier India with access to nutritious as well as delicious food to everyone. Our vision is to build a brand which is a stepping stone to everyone willing to take a step towards a healthier tomorrow. 

To bridge the gap between healthier and tastier food. Packaged food is considered to have lower nutritional value and high preservatives for longer shelf-life. However, we aim to revolutionise this convention and bring products which are not only tastier but provide consumers with ample nutrition. Each serving of the Provee High Protein spread has over 10 grams of protein.