Project Asylum -  for the beast in you! 

How to know if Muscle Asylum is for you?

Working out in the gym is your first love.

You spend more than 1 hour a day at the gym?

You would skip a movie with your friends just because you have to work out?

You buy food products basis the nutritional value they have?

50% of your closet is your gym clothes? No regrets!

Gyming is a priority for you and not a choice?

If you miss a fitness class or a workout? you genuinely feel a sense of guilt?

You’ve also been mistaken for a personal trainer?

The new lads in the gym look up to you and often ask for your advice?

You upload 3-4 gym pictures on your Instagram in a month?

You have set a fitness motivation quotes as the wallpaper of your phone?

Did you just say yes to at least 3 of these? Then, this is for you! 

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