Provee Raw aspires to evolve and continuously innovate in the food and beverage industry. We strive to provide a premium service to our clients at a competitive price. We are enthusiastic about bringing novel products which are healthier than the products in the current Indian consumer market. Health has always been the sole focus of Provee. With Provee Raw, we want to provide an edge to our clients in serving their customers better. 

Services Offered

Currently, we offer services such as contract manufacturing and bulk manufacturing and are catering small and large cafes, restaurants, hotels as well as fitness organisations. We also offer excellent R&D support to our clients to curate unique and innovative products which cater to the palates of their consumers. At present, we offer to package in two different sizes which are 340g and 1Kg. However, our manufacturing facility is flexible to look after any specific needs that your business may have. 

Quality Assurance

We take the quality of food produced very seriously and continuously monitor and adhere to global standards of food hygiene. All the products are prepared in our internationally FSSC 22000 & FSSAI certified facility in Pune. We take pride in sourcing the best ingredients from all across the world and curating the healthiest and tastiest food products.

Competitive Pricing

We offer premium quality of food products curated specifically for your business at a competitive price. To know more please contact Veer Kohli

Our Clients