Snacking Habits to Boost Productivity

We all like to nibble on snacks while working and studying. Lately snacking has been carved out to be the monster that causes obesity and lethargy. This is nothing but a myth! Snacking has numerous benefits and has even been proved to enhance metabolism and productivity of individuals. However, before we make any bold statements, it is essential to clarify that when we talk about snacking, we mean healthy snacks which have high nutritional value. While high-calorie snacks such as french fries, chips and chocolates come straight to our minds, excessive consumption of such snacks most definitely causes obesity and even lethargy. So save yourself from guilt-trips and indulge in these five snacking habits to enhance your productivity at work.

Reduce Your Caffeine Consumption

A person holding a take-away coffee cup

Our instinct often directs us to reach out for the cup of coffee whenever we feel tired or lazy. Although excessive consumption of caffeine will give you the much-needed energy spike at once, it will crash quickly as well. Therefore, instead of reaching out for a cup of double espresso, reach out for a cup of green tea. As it will prolong your productivity.

Consume Small and Frequent Meals

Doctors often advise diabetic patients to consume small and frequent meals. The simple reason behind this is that having frequent meals maintain the blood sugar levels in your body. A constant blood sugar level will ensure that you are vigilant throughout the day. Usually, the sugar levels in your body decline to excessively low levels between the meals this may lead to sluggishness or lethargy.

Consume Lots of Water

Drinking water not only helps your body to stay healthy, keeping hydrated aids the transportation of energy-providing nutrients throughout your body. Furthermore, as you grow dehydrated your blood thickens, which makes it difficult for your heart to pump making you feel drained more quickly.

Consume Lots of Fruits

A fruit bowl with lots of fruits lying around

We will not be the first ones to advise you to eat lots of fruits. But fruits have innumerable benefits associated with them. However, these benefits are amplified when consumed on an empty stomach. Fruits are highly nutritious and contain fibre and complex sugars which makes them easy to digest and slower to breakdown. This allows them to provide a longer-lasting energy boost compared to other snacks. 


Consume Lots of Nuts

A bowl of nuts with some nuts spilled outside the bowl

According to the Journal of Nutrition, nuts are wholesome when it comes to nutrition. They contain Omega 3 Fatty acids which are specifically helpful in enhancing alertness and cognition. They are also helpful in stabilising the blood sugar levels leading to lesser cravings and dips in productivity.


Snacking is not the monster that it is portrayed to be at times. Snacking over healthy foods is actually helpful in not just enhancing productivity at work but also boosting your immunity. Provee High-Protein Peanut Spreads can also be consumed as a healthy snack. Our spreads can be consumed directly off the sachet or over a piece of toast or even as a cooking ingredient. They contain the goodness of peanuts and are fortified with whey concentrate. So, do not let your snacks stray you from your fitness goals. 



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