Healthy Eating Over Fad Diets

Diets are a convenient and fast way to lose weight - on the surface. We need to be aware of what diets we are taking up, if any at all. Although the results of some diets are fast and positive, most of them are temporary, specially if you go back to eating unhealthily after that. In this article, we will explore the difference between unsafe dieting and healthy eating.

Extreme Dieting - extreme dieting involves limiting your calories, protein and fluid intake to severe levels. Diuretic supplements or or appetite suppressants are also included in extreme dieting, which can harm you. Any diet which involves minimizing your diet or intake of nutrients is one to be careful of.

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Consequences - The infamous term “hangry” is apt for one your major moods during these diets. More serious effects include fatigue, dizziness, and dehydration. Long term effects include: low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, vitamin deficiencies and even muscle loss from the inadequate number of calories. This is when it gets serious! These crash diets may give you a more desires weight in a week or two, but they are not sustainable which may result in rebound weight gain.

Choose Healthy Eating Instead -

  1. Instead of depriving your body of nutrients, choose better options. Set goals to fill up with fibre - don’t leave it out! Choose protein to avoid muscle loss and improve satiety.


  1. A very important habit is to eat calories rather than drink them. Time and space out your meals every day and keep them consistent.


  1. Do not eat a lot one day and not eat at all the next. Give in to cravings, but smartly! Go for a Chocolate Protein Spread, instead of your general store bought chocolate for your sweet tooth!


  1. Replace your indulgences with your indulgences! For example, if you are not having rice have a desert or a beverage instead. That’s how you swap one calorie filled item with another instead of having both!


This eating plan includes about 50% produce, 30% protein and 20% grains, potatoes or corn. This lifestyle, along with good amount of exercise will surely get you healthy and fit.


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