10 Tips for Effective Weight Loss and Good Nutrition

Easy and healthy long-term habits -

Losing weight is not a temporary process. It is a long-term habitual routine to create a healthier lifestyle. Specially after the festival season, it could be hard to get back on track after an interruption into your daily eating habits. However, by following these 10 easy but effective tips you can soon see a positive change in your life.

Incorporate Small Changes

Drastic measures such as intense low carb diets are not necessary for weight loss. In fact, they might even hinder your health. Start slow and small. Start by eating fruits instead of sweets or juices. Add more color to your plate and acknowledge all these changes, it will help.

Be Aware of the Portions You Are Consuming

Portions are the amount of food or drink you consume in one sitting. You can measure these easily by taking a handful of the food you are about to consume. One handful is one cup. So increase your number of handfuls for leafy greens and fruits and reduce them for carb-filled foods. By contrast, serving size is the amount you will see on a packaging label where they recommend the number of cups and grams you should intake so don’t cofuse the two.

Choose a diet wisely

If you are after all going on a diet, don’t go by the experience of others. While a Keto or Dash might have worked well for a friend, it may not be right for you. Just simple replace your carbs with greens, fruits and nuts, and see the long-term habitual changes.

Weight Loss

Keep Track of your Food

Fitness and nutrition apps may be the way to go if you can not keep track of your nutrient intake. It can help you track how many carbs, micronutrients and macronutrients you are consuming ina day. It may even surprise you how you might actually not be eating enough to initiate weight loss.

Home Cooked Food

If you love going out and partying, most of your diet suffers. Extra oils and salts added in restaurant food takes a toll on your food consumption. Pack a lunch for work or eat more at home in order to balance your sodium and calorie intake.

Protein Power

As we all know protein is essential for weight loss and muscle recovery after a workout. How much a person needs depends on a person’s fitness level and body mass. According to the National Institutes of Health, the Recommended Daily Allowance for protein intake is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (or 0.36 grams per pound of body weight). Read our blog recipes for easier ways to add protein to your meals.

Research and have full knowledge or Health Trends

A lot of trends like apple cider vinegar and kombucha have become vogue. Although, much more research has to be done for their actual benefits. Research a lot before taking up any such health trend and be aware of all their benefits and disadvantages.

Overeating is a No-no

Overeating can slow down your process in reaching weight loss goals. Eat nuts when you are experiencing munchies and observe how this small habit changes your calorie intake.

Find the Right Friends

Before doing anything, find a gym buddy or mentor who you can share your problems with and tell them to keep pushing you to achieve your goals. Believe it or not, this helps the most! If you don’t have someone constantly encouraging you and asking you what you did for a healthier life today, you can easily escape it and demotivate yourself.

Don’t Pay too Much Attention to the Weighing Scale

Although the weighing scale may give you shocks from time to time, don’t make it your only goal. Focus on shaping and overall mood as your daily goals and in the long run the scale is sure to catch up!

Try these techniques and keep track of your physical activity and food intake. Comment and let us know how your progress goes!

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