Nuts for Keto Diet

Nuts are the perfect snack and food group for any diet and especially good for a keto diet. They are high on good fats and and low carbs.  

Here is a guide to some of the best nuts:

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts contain 75% fat of which 17g are monounsaturated fats, 2 Grams of net carbs, Magnesium, manganese, potassium and selenium are also present in these magical nuts. 

Macadamia nuts are also known to:

Decreased risk of stroke

Reduced blood pressure

Anti-inflammatory effects and decreased inflammation

Feeling satiated, which can aid weight loss

Strengthened nervous system

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer

Stronger bones and teeth

Decreased risk for diabetes


Walnuts are the richest source of omega 3s. In one serving of 28 grams there is:

18.3g of total fat, most of which are polyunsaturated (13.2g)

4.3g of protein

1.9g of net carbs

The same values of polyunsaturated fats are found in sunflower seeds. These fatty acids can help:

Improve testosterone levels.

Reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease

Combat inflammation

Improve brain health


One serving of 28 grams of hazelnuts contains only 5g of carbs which is not very well known to people who indulge in hazelnut butters. They also contain

17g of fat

4g of protein

Hazelnuts are known to prevent coronary heart disease chance improving cardiovascular health. You can try our high protein low sugar hazelnut spread by ordering it on Amazon here.


Although almonds have 6 grams of calories in a 28 gram serving, they have many health benefits. Like hazelnuts, almonds are good for the heart and with the combined 4 grams of fibre, it leaves it to 2 grams net calories per serving.

We hope you add healthy nuts to your diet and munchies. Spread nuttiness! 

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